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DEI From the Inside Out: Part 1 - NO CE

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Human Resource Development
Darrell (Coach D) Andrews
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In this session, participants will delve into a comprehensive exploration of what Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) truly entails. Often met with resistance due to its perceived condemnatory nature, this session aims to provide a more nuanced definition of DEI, fostering a better understanding among attendees. By demystifying the language surrounding DEI, participants will be equipped with straightforward approaches to seamlessly integrate these principles into their perspectives.

This session will spotlight the distinctive features of our DEI model in comparison to other systems. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the model, understanding its unique perspective on achieving DEI success. At its core, our approach is grounded in the simple premise that we are all human beings sharing the common human experience. The goal is to convey to participants the importance of embracing DEI through this paradigm, effectively humanizing the DEI experience.

One of the most remarkable DEI experiences unfolded during my son's 18th birthday celebration in our backyard. The event brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds, spanning various walks of life and races, who interacted in a profoundly humanistic manner— an encounter unlike any I had witnessed before. In this session, we will deconstruct this experience and draw parallels to its relevance in workplace dynamics.

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Learning Objectives
  • Encouraging participants to adopt a fresh perspective on DEI and initiating conversations with peers about the positive aspects and advantages of embracing DEI, as opposed to adhering to national narratives
  • This module serves as a starting point for transforming the lens through which DEI is perceived
  • Our aim is to assist attendees in perceiving DEI through the lens of commonalities rather than differences
  • We seek to educate in a manner that allows this DEI model to seamlessly integrate into existing organizational or individual DEI initiatives
  • Participants in this session will gain insights into a simple and practical process for interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds, despite differences
  • The goal is for attendees to bridge this model to their day-to-day interactions, fostering a more inclusive and human-centric approach in their professional relationships

Major Subjects
  • Cultivating a DEI Success Mindset: Emphasizing the significance of acknowledging DEI for what it genuinely represents, and structuring interactions based on this new paradigm
  • Building DEI Connections: Recognizing the importance of exploring and understanding various cultures, with the ultimate goal of fostering genuine comprehension
  • Instilling DEI Accountability: Establishing
  • Biological Commonality: Exploring the biological similarities that unite us all, emphasizing our shared humanity
  • Relevance in Daily Interactions: Understanding the day-to-day significance of this paradigm in interactions with colleagues and others
  • Benefits of the Model: Recognizing the advantages of adopting this model for fostering connections with teammates and various stakeholders
  • My Son’s Perspective: Exploring the lens through which we approached this celebration, shedding light on the mindset that fostered inclusivity
  • Peer-to-Peer Interaction: Examining how attendees engaged with each other, transcending significant life differences to connect on a human level
  • Workplace Application: Unpacking how the lessons learned from this backyard gathering can be applied in the workplace to cultivate a more inclusive and humanistic environment

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Darrell “Coach D” Andrews, “America’s Passion Coach,” is Darrell Andrews LLC and Associates president and chief passion officer, a Professional Development, Consulting, and Motivational Speaking Firm. He also heads Empowering Self-Care, a Wellness Motivation Training Firm. His organizational philosophy has been the same for nearly 22 years, “It is not what you can do that counts as a leader; it is what others can do as a result of your leadership that counts.” He and his team of consultants, coaches, and trainers provide innovative and customized training, coaching, and speaking solutions for DEI, self-care, post-pandemic leadership, and teamwork. He and his team have been contracted to provide professional development and consulting to Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, First Data, and Verizon, as well as many workforce development and government agencies, education institutions, and organizations throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. He has been a keynote speaker at over 350 national and state conferences in the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean! Coach D is a regular media guest and has appeared on many television talk shows, radio shows, podcasts, and in many newspapers. He is a significant thought leader because of his company’s engaging style of motivation, training, and change initiatives. Most importantly, he has been married for 29 years and is the proud father of 4 exceptional children. Coach D is the author of several books, including the soon-to-be released "Empowering Self-Care In The Workplace" and "Post-Pandemic Leadership.

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