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Listen to Lead: The HR Champion's Guide to Building an Employee Listening Strategy - ON DEMAND - NO CE

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Human Resource Development
LeAnne Lagasse
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1 Hour
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When it comes to assessing your organization’s employee experience, it’s no longer enough to administer an annual survey and call it a day. Rather, to engage and retain today’s talent, it’s all about an integrated, strategic approach to employee listening woven throughout the entire employee lifecycle. While this thought can overwhelm many HR professionals, the good news is that this is an area where you can start to see big ROI in a short period of time. In this session, we’ll break down where to start, steps to improve your existing efforts, and strategies you can use to move the needle in your organization and drive HR and business success.


Basic Course Information

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the critical role of employee listening in shaping organizational strategies
  • Gain insights into implementing practical and effective listening tools and techniques
  • Learn how to translate employee feedback into actionable HR initiatives for enhanced workplace engagement and performance

Major Subjects
  • Employee Listening
  • Communication
  • Employee Experience
  • Employee Engagement

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Basic Course Information

Designed For All business professionals

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