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Making Culture A Competitive Advantage - ON DEMAND - NO CE

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Human Resource Development
Steve Cadigan
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In the world of work today, nothing is more critical than Culture.  If people are your competitive advantage, then culture is the best way to help your people realize a great destination. While many leaders and companies talk a lot about culture, few take the time to really plan, build, and invest in a great culture. Today, the world of work could not be more challenging, and the changes that we are seeing in the workforce, such as the rise of remote workers and increasing turnover, are adding to the complexity. Now more than ever, Culture must become your competitive advantage. In this course, you will learn about the key macro changes in the workforce and what some leading companies and leaders are doing to create amazing cultures and high-performing organizations. From LinkedIn to Patagonia to Eventbrite, you will learn from some top organizations ow they have successfully leveraged culture. You will learn what Culture is and can be, and you will learn what culture is not. As you set sail in 2024 and beyond as a leader, you will benefit from this class and learn how to make culture your competitive advantage. Your teacher for the class is Steve Cadigan, whom many credit for being the architect of LinkedIn's world-class and groundbreaking culture. 

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Learning Objectives
  • Why a great culture is critical today
  • What do you need to have to consider your culture a competitive advantage
  • You will learn how to build a trust strategy
  • You will learn why the landscape of work today requires us to really double down on culture
  • What you can do to make your culture awesome
  • Learn from experts and top tier companies how they have leveraged culture to great effect

Major Subjects
  • Talent Strategy
  • Culture
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Retention
  • Leadership
  • Leadership Strategy
  • Future of Work

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Steve Cadigan's Profile

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Cadigan Talent Ventures

Steve Cadigan regularly speaks at conferences and major universities around the world and is regularly retained by Silicon Valley’s top VCs for his talent expertise. Steve is frequently asked to appear on TV and is a regular guest onBloomberg West and CNBC.

Prior to launching his own firm, Steve worked as an HR executive for over 25 years at a wide range of top-tier companies including ESPRIT, Allianz, Cisco Systems, Electronic Arts, and capped by serving as the first CHRO for LinkedIn from 2009 through 2012. The culture that he built during his time at LinkedIn is still recognized as the gold standard today.

Presently, Steve serves on the Board of Directors to three companies and sits on the Advisory Board of several others.

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Leaders, Managers, and Executives in all industries and all geographies

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